Unicredit chief: Our remodeling lasts 20 years

In a recent interview J.P. Mustier highights both

  • an incredibly long period needed to remodel business processes
  • and a parallel activity toward process automation

Here below the abstract, and food for thoughts to establish an even more intense dialog on Process Automation (et alii) to help our customer to speed up this critical transition leveraging the long term partnership with IBM / V-TServices in charge of managing the whole IT infrastructure.

Abstract from Mustier interview as reported by Manager Magazine (Germany)

Looking at Unicredit’s restructuring, Mustier estimates decades. Rebuilding and optimizing the processes will certainly take 20 years,” he says. “At the moment, we are working on policies and investors, who are demanding a very simple business model, and we are in the midst of a technological revolution, and much of what people are doing today will be done by computer programs in the coming decades.” Everything that is process-based is automated. “This applies to all sectors, including banks.”

manager magazin j

Original version (german)


Translated into english



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